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Luxury Yacht / February 23, 2023

17141 Rocky Ridge Rd
Austin, TX 78734
(512) 266-9600

We'd prepared to rent two jet skis and there was a flash flood caution that mid-day. We drove on the market plus the liquid was really choppy therefore had been raining hard. They wound up providing us a full reimbursement for the rental since we had been not able venture out. I suppose when we really experienced aided by the jet skiing leasing, it might have been fine. I will just review about their customer support, which was great.

Oh guy, where to start... i am maybe not an avid review publisher, however these guys really suck so incredibly bad that I feel the necessity to. So our "boat captain" had been 'Z', an avid texter that caused it to be acutely clear to united states that he had plans later on at night. I speculate he had been extremely stoned. Each and every time he parked the boat in a slip it can table tennis between the edges and tear up in region of the ship in a really unsettling fashion. Every. Solitary. Time. An individual in my celebration jokingly requested how he nevertheless had this work, because he didn't seem capable drive a boat, he informed us that he can not get fired because their relative has the company. We labeled as the following day to be sure we weren't charged when it comes to harm that "captain" inflicted included. They certainly were incredibly rude regarding phone, and then charged us for an additional time and acted like these were performing united states a favor. Simply steer clear of this business. The watercraft was dropping aside, individuals tend to be rude, the presenter don't work more often than not, there clearly was duct tape and a sock within the vehicle's gas tank. There has just got to be a much better vessel company to hire from.