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Luxury Yacht / July 16, 2023

At the start of your remain you’ll board the yacht at a jetty in Sydney's east (about 10 minutes through the city centre and half an hour from airport). We’ll after that just take you to a mooring within the harbour for evening - either in nearby Elizabeth Bay or at a more sheltered bay, often the one only close to Taronga Zoo. If you're staying in the bay next to Taronga Zoo, you will be enclosed by a National Park, you'll enjoy a swim into the nearby beach, and you should sunlight setting over the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

If you've selected to stay the night time in Elizabeth Bay (which is why there is no extra expense above everything pay via airbnb) you'll be just a couple of hundred metres through the jetty for which you'll be picked up from. Whilst mooring in Elizabeth Bay is completely safe please be aware that Elizabeth Bay could be exposed to the wind, you will not have a view for the Harbour Bridge or Opera home, you will end up surrounded by various other ships that are permanently parked indeed there, and it's not advisable to swim truth be told there.

Your skipper will leave you at your mooring for the evening (therefore don’t forget to create some food and wine or alcohol!). From the morning of departure after you’ve had breakfast (and, if you should be at Taronga Zoo, another swim!), your skipper should come out to get you and bring you back to the jetty for which you boarded.

The Taronga Zoo option costs yet another $200 to cover enough time it takes to arrive at and after that. You can easily combine your staying in a single day regarding boat with a personal Harbour journey. Just see 'Optional Extras' in the bottom of this part.

Whether or not you are keeping on boat instantly, we’d be pleased to take you for an exclusive two hour tour around the harbour, underneath the Harbour Bridge, after dark Sydney Opera House and past the unique and very high priced houses in Eastern Suburbs. If you’d love to book the boat for three or more hours you’ll likewise have time indeed to stop in a sheltered bay for a swim or meal. Harbour trips begin with $200 if you are staying instantaneously and from $500 if you’re scheduling the boat through the day. Please look at base for this area for prices details.

Your bedrooms are going to be made-up with luxury linen, blankets, pillows and duvets and we’ll offer fluffy towels, face cloths, soaps etc. Your kitchen (galley) has a two burner cooker and range, a tiny refrigerator and numerous wine specs, champagne cups, crockery, cutlery and pots and pans. We’ll also leave you with cooking tips like sodium, pepper, tea, coffee, fresh milk etc and a welcome bowl of treats. The boat features two bathrooms with hot baths and whisper quiet electric toilets. There’s additionally a hot bath at the rear of the boat when you’ve been for a swim. When you look at the saloon there’s USB asking for your phones, a Bose stereo system (with Aux input for your phone) and a DVD player with a stack of DVDs to select from. On deck there’s an awning maintain you cool off and a table for dining outside.

“Europa” is a Wauquiez Centurion C45S. She’s 46 feet (14m) of handmade European luxury and she’s been built to the best high quality. She cost a little under $1m and she’s considerably larger (and a class above) the kinds of yachts that you might discover with commercial charter fleets.

Yes! The Sydney Morning Herald published a list of the eight “most amazing places to keep” within the entire of Australia – and, I’m extremely happy to say, we were no. 3 from the record! If you’re still unsure regarding how dazzling it really is to stay on an extravagance yacht in Sydney Harbour, please see the 200+ reviews we’ve obtained.

You’ll need some food for dinner and break fast, some beverages (there’s an abundance of drinking tap water on board but kindly do bring wine, alcohol, sodas an such like), your swimming costumes – not to mention, your camera!

Kindly curb your bags to at least one soft case per person (along with your refreshments) and kindly use soft-soled (non tagging) shoes. Kindly don’t bring eskies (cooler boxes) or tough suitcases simply because they can damage the woodwork. If there are more than couple along with baggage (e.g. suitcases) be sure to get in touch with me in advance so we'll talk about that which we can do about baggage storage space. If you can find just two of you remaining immediately, but it is possible to deliver several bag per person plus luggage is stored in the rear cabins.

The boat is secret for 2 individuals, really comfortable for four men and women but, while you can find three double beds, you’ll realize that six men and women is a bit of a squeeze. You may want to consider it as ‘glamping’ – ie glamourous camping – and though Europa could luxurious, this woman is, after all, a yacht perhaps not a hotel! Please additionally keep in mind there's absolutely no 240V (mains) power onboard.

• Do i would like a boating licence or boating experience?
Generally not very – a skipper will drive the boat for your needs as soon as the yacht’s on a mooring for the night he’ll leave you here and you’ll be completely safe by yourself.

• Am I Able To hire the yacht for a tour throughout the day?
Obviously! The boat takes around 10 passengers for day trips and now we may either simply take you for a trip associated with harbour or fall anchor in a peaceful bay to help you have lunch, drinks and a swim. Please go ahead and bring whatever products and food you would like. Two-hour cruise/tours (without keeping instantly) cost $500 Mon-Fri, and $600 Sat-Sun and vacations. Additional time prices $100 hourly.

• do you know the check-in and check-out times?
Arrival times for over night remains are generally after 4pm and we’ll have you straight back on dry-land before 10am. If you’d prefer to extend your stay kindly enquire.

• in which will the watercraft be moored for an instantly stay?
You can select either Elizabeth Bay or a sheltered bay next to Taronga Zoo. (please be aware your precise place where you'll be moored for night may depend on the elements). At Taronga you’ll have actually a view associated with Opera House, the town lights together with Harbour Bridge, you’ll be surrounded by a National Park, it’s safe to swim there and you may even paddle ashore within the dinghy to catch a ferry in to the town. Discover an extra price for staying in Taronga - be sure to see ‘Optional Extras’ below. Staying at Elizabeth Bay is included inside the Airbnb price but please be aware that cycling there'sn’t advised and you also won’t have a view associated with the Bridge or Opera home.

• i've a ship licence – am I able to drive the boat myself?
Yes, you can easily truly drive the boat - but we’ll however supply a skipper to ensure every little thing's safe. Obviously, after the vessel is on a mooring the skipper will leave you, nevertheless the vessel must stick to the mooring - you won’t be able to drive this lady away!

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