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Luxury Yacht Weddings

Luxury Yacht / January 19, 2023

For quick parties of two to a gala occasion for over five-hundred guests, nothing tops a Miami boat charter or Fort Lauderdale yacht charter across the South Florida waterways. There’s no finer destination to amuse your guests than on an extravagance boat charter aboard The Grand Floridian, The Floridian Princess and/or Summer Wind Yacht.

Charter One hosts a wide array of South Florida yacht charters, each catered to your specific requirements of our consumers. The Summer Wind is ideal for small to moderate features, while our extraordinarily luxurious vessels, The Grand Floridian and Floridian Princess, supply the ultimate knowledge for accommodating around 550 guests. Charter you've got several solutions to host your occasion at sea, regardless of dimensions or gathering. From business meetings to Social and themed events tend to be taken up to new levels on a luxury boat charter, as our vessels are the many unique event venues obtainable in Fort Lauderdale, while the surrounding South Florida places. All types of parties, events and parties are welcome at Charter One.

From best luxury yachts, towards the specialized solution and super-attentive staff, there isn’t a much better venue offered. Whether you’re in Miami or West Palm Beach, we’re prepared supply, along with your friends, an experience of a lifetime. You label the menu, the products, the activity, the design while the date – we’ll make certain it's perfect.

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