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Luxury Yacht / October 18, 2022

Let there be light

United States leisure vessel fashion designer Ted Fontaine tells Ship & Boat Overseas just how their antipathy towards dark, below-deck lifestyle spaces empowered the design associated with brand new, single-level Surfari 53 seaside cruiser

Friendship Surfari 53 - Marrying sail and power

With a mixture of cruising boat and motor watercraft attributes and an increased exposure of outside living, this brand new design from Ted Fontaine is designed to produce a 'new style of yachting'

Friendship 36, a 36' shoal draft centerboard cruising sloop is under Construction at Rockport Marine.

Latest into the effective distinct Friendship yachts, the Friendship 36 was designed to requirements by a current Friendship 40 owner. the customer asked for a yacht with the exact same quality level, fit and finish of their current relationship 40 (that draws a mere 3’11”) the today 36 has a draft of 32” to ensure that he might berth it inside shallows of Moriches Bay on extended Island.

Well-conceived, an easy task to deal with 40-footer -turns heads everywhere

When Ted Fontaine conceived the Friendship 40 he wanted that it is user friendly, associated with the finest quality, and “stop-in-your-tracks gorgeous.” All three are accomplished by the builder, Austral Yachts in Whangarei, brand new Zealand. Incorporating elements from their larger boat styles he produced a cockpit that has been bigger and more comfortable for enjoyable and lounging than had been typically entirely on a 40-foot boat—a mark of a daysailer.

It’s been about four years because the Fontaine Design Group very first launched a 40-foot contemporary version of the classic Friendship Sloop. Since that time they've been turning minds at every boat tv show and each harbor they visit, getting the attention and quickening the pulse of perhaps the most everyday dockside observer. Because the first Friendship 40, Manaaki, was released, 13 even more have actually used with its aftermath. The boat’s unprecedented success has demonstrably set the standard for luxury daysailers. What it has also done is ignite the attention of those that would not compromise on appearance and unparalleled quality of create that 40-footer offered, but who'd intentions of voyaging farther with additional amenities aboard.

Friendship 53, Vintage Cruiser

By Robert H. Perry - from Sailing Mag

I would hesitate to attempt to define Euro styling in terms but i do believe you obtain the image whenever you learn the Wauguiez while the Etap. I’m probably a jingoistic knuckle-head, and I’m more comfortable with that, but i do believe Ted Fontaine’s designs exemplify good old classic United states yacht styling. While the Etap’s styling relies upon jarring your objectives with forms and contours you failed to expect, Ted’s styles are typical about balance in-line. Jarring visual incongruities cannot occur on a Fontaine design.

It’s been about four years because the Fontaine Design Group first launched a 40-foot modern type of the classic Friendship Sloop. Since then they are turning heads at every boat program and each harbor they see, getting the eye and quickening the pulse of even many everyday dockside observer. Since the very first Friendship 40, Manaaki, premiered, 13 even more have actually followed in its wake. The boat’s unprecedented success has actually obviously set the standard for deluxe daysailers. Just what it has also done is spark the interest of the who would maybe not compromise from the appearance and unsurpassed top-notch create that the 40-footer provided, but that has intentions of voyaging farther with more amenities aboard.

Judging just because of the selection of his award-winning yacht styles – which include Pamina, Anakena, Surama, Paraiso and many other things – one might expect Ted Fontaine becoming a distinguished, silver-haired gentleman prepared to rest on their laurels and accolades. Toward contrary, despite his close to three decades towards the top of the boat design online game, Fontaine is an eternally smiling, tanned, shorts-sporting and youthful fellow whom seems much more like a laid-back sailing yacht captain than a captain of industry just who just therefore takes place to love just what he does for a living.

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