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Digital dream wedding ceremony Photography, Engagement Photography and ...
Expert Wedding Photography, Cinematography, Dj & Lights solutions in Greater Toronto region since 1987.

Congratulations in your wedding and thank you for visiting the beginning of your Digital fantasy.
Digital Dream has been in the wedding business since 1987. Because of our consumers, Digital Dream has already established the satisfaction of being a part of over 1000 events while supplying the best customer support and excellent.
Digital Dream is a one end shop which makes it a great deal simpler for interacting and saving cash insurance firms everything under one roof.
Need understand united states much better? Require you to definitely communicate with? Do you realy feel overwhelmed with just how much detail goes in planning your wedding day? Ask our marriage specialists the excess services you can expect to offer you the comfort you deserve.
Our friendly and courteous staff make sure making you feel just like you are on your vacation along with your butler with you.
Contact us these days!

Our photography design is easy: it is you! We take care to become familiar with both you and how you have actually wished for your wedding and now we tailor our strive to mirror who you really are. Let us become familiar with both you and assist you to capture those seen and unseen moments: the design on their face whenever you walk down that aisle, the touching moment whenever your daddy offers you away and places a gentle kiss on your cheek, into tear that falls down your face while you hear the guarantees and vows of love made to you. These moments are unique for your requirements. These moments are forever. Let's capture and tell your story.

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