Maria Venuti

Jamie Edmiston

Popular Yachts / January 18, 2023

Jamie Edmiston, the former chief executive of upmarket furnisher Linley, will be make the helm of their household’s boat brokerage business.

Mr Edmiston needs over from their father, Nicholas, that is upgrading to become chairman.

The previous Linley chief struggled to obtain Edmiston for decade until 2011, when he took control over business created by Viscount Linley.

Linley ended up being recently bought because of the Malaysian entrepeneurs Nazir Razak, head of economic conglomerate CIMB, and David Chua, previous president of casino-operator Genting’s Hong-Kong business earlier on in 2010.

They purchased a 51pc share from Mr Edmiston, whom keeps a 20pc holding and remains a non-executive manager.

His daddy founded Edmiston in 1996, and contains cultivated in order to become very important yacht brokerages in the world.

Edmiston consumers tend to be believed to include John Caudwell, the president of Phones4U, and Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich. Edmiston is believed to have acquired a 125ft yacht, Olympia, for Mr Abramovich’s right-hand guy, Eugene Shvidler.

Edmiston established fact inside yachting globe, not just for much talked about purchase but also for managing charters and supplying teams from the offices in Monaco and London.

Nicholas Edmiston verified the changes, saying: “Now is the correct time for you to pay to Jamie who's played a key part at Edmiston for the last 14 many years.”

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