Semi-Private Sailboat Charters - Chicago Sailboat Charters

Private Sailboat Charters

Popular Yachts / January 16, 2024

Might 13 – Sep 15 (Sat/Sun)- 9am

Sunset Sails

May 16 – Jul 22 – (M/Tu/Th/Su) : 7pm

Jul 25 – Sep 15 – (M/Tu/Th/Su) : 6:30pm

First-Class cruising

Chicago Sailboat Charters provides Semi-Private sails so that categories of 2 or 4 can share a First-Class sailboat on an economic climate course budget. We place small teams collectively to generally share our fantastic sailboats which can be 36′-39′ long, and reduce team dimensions to 6. These boats can simply hold 8-10 individuals more than comfortably, so that you know you'll be cruising in convenience and style.
All Semi-Private sails are 2 to 2.5 hours (see below for timeframe tips), and take place Saturday, Sunday, and getaway Mornings, also Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings for sunsets. Some other sailings, including week-end afternoons and nights, Friday nights, and Wednesday and Saturday fireworks, are offered when readily available.

Semi-Private period: might 13 through Sep 15 (perhaps not good 7/1-4, 8/19-20)