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Popular Yachts / January 18, 2023

Need more details towards RegentSea? See the questions and responses below. For those who have a concern about watercraft rentals in Marina del Rey that isn't answered under, call us!

Just how many visitors can she hold?

Together with her 2 complete decks, RegentSea holds to 135 friends for cocktails and 126 for a seated event.

Am I going to get sea sick?

Improbable. We cruise ab muscles tranquil waters of Marina del Rey, the largest man-made harbor in Ca. Taking a trip at only about 3 knots, you will find your cruise very comfortable.

In which is Marina del Rey? Just how shortly do I need to reserve?

Asap! Dates fill quickly and we aren't able to hold dates without a deposit and signed contract.

Can friends come and get?

Perhaps not typically. Although we can certainly re-dock for emergencies, once we leave the dock, we do cruise through to the end associated with the occasion.

Just how later can we remain away?

We could stay away as late as 2:00am.

What are the regional resorts?

Truly! Our company is within walking distance of 4 accommodations and lots of even more with just a short drive.

What happens if it rains?

All of our venues has actually sufficient inside area to host the complete party around, so rain has a tendency not to ever be a challenge anyway.

Are young ones permitted?

Truly! If you're comfortable having kiddies up to speed, we are thrilled to ask them to. There are not any age limitations.

Tend to be pets allowed?

We have been very happy to enable service pets, but don't allow any kind of animals aboard.

Do i have to put on a life vest?

Though we're certain it will be a style statement shortly, you certainly do not need to put on a life vest while aboard our yachts; they've been for emergency use only.

May I deliver personal sellers?

You certainly can! We do have a reference number with this preferred vendors from DJ’s and Photographers to Chocolate Fountains, but enjoy your personal sellers on home.

Can I bring personal catering?

While FantaSea would rather become your very first choice in catering, we comprehend the nutritional constraints of particular countries that we aren't able to meet internally. We are pleased to use your caterer during these instances.

In which do I park?

Marina del Rey features a few la County parking lots run by an automatic gate. Rates vary in line with the period. As there are many docks from where to embark, kindly verify the target for the invites and guests with your coordinator.

Can I use your photographs to my invitations?

Yacht photos can be used with our enjoyment. But we do need to see a proof before printing authorization.

How much does it cost?

There are three main prices for all occasions: (1) facility charge; (2) labor and service; and (3) food and drink choices. We pride ourselves in being capable personalize your bundle for your needs and certainly will certainly do our better to make use of a budget. Usually our events typical $75.00 per individual on up.

May we purchase special meals (vegetarian, kosher, etc...)?

Indeed, but please notify us asap and we'll do our far better finances for it.

Can you do meals tastings?

No. Sadly, due to our little staff, we can't do food tastings.

Tend to be we permitted to present our very own liquor, or get it contributed?

If you are not allowed to supply your very own difficult liquor, you can easily certainly bring in your very own wine and champagne selections for a corkage cost.

Would you charge a gratuity?

No. Gratuities might be accepted by the waitstaff, but we do not include a gratuity to the costs.

Do you have background music readily available?

Indeed, all of our venues includes a home speakers; you're over thank you for visiting provide your very own CDs or an iPod.

Just how long can a conference final?

Usually our events final 4 hours, but we are able to undoubtedly add more time or scale back time depending on the needs of one's occasion.

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