Sail Grenadines

Renting a Yacht in Caribbean

Popular Yachts / January 18, 2023

Grenada, ‘The Spice Isle of the Caribbean’, is a moving, mountainous area, abundant with fragrant plants and unusual exotic flowers, dotted with crater ponds and teeming with numerous pet life. Bordered by stunning, unspoilt white and black colored sand shores, this verdant area has for hundreds of years already been a major source of nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and cocoa.

Grenada’s active Market Square, historical forts, spice plantations, rum distilleries, and colorful red coral gardens enhance the island’s appeal. Consider a tour of the many stunning waterfalls nestled when you look at the rich rainfall woodland environments, or an outing on organic chocolate factory or spice plantation. Go to the crater pond at Grand Etang nationwide Park and Forest keep. True Blue Bay is close to shopping, while Grand Anse seashore is a premier place for beachcombers, scuba divers and hikers. Throughout the year, Grenada also hosts numerous interesting cultural festivities and sporting events including the Grenada Sailing Festival, Easter Round Grenada Race, Grenada Classics Regatta as well as other other informal events.

Even though there is so much to explore in Grenada, the island is if at all possible positioned for a one-way charter. Proceeding southward from our base in St. Lucia through open-water passages, you'll explore other equally enchanting countries including Tobago Cays, Mayreau, Mustique, Bequia, St. Vincent and St. Lucia before showing up in Grenada. It’s this variety of this pleasures that produce cruising in the Eastern Caribbean therefore special.

Cruising in Grenada

Lying-in the southernmost portion of the Windward isles, a Grenada yacht charter vacation provides a full world of itinerary options to fit the tastes of captains with fundamental skills in coastal navigation to those experienced skippers wishing to set about much longer hauls with increased challenging open liquid passages. Many charterers choose a one-way cruising getaway southward through the Moorings base in St. Lucia to Grenada, permitting them to cover even more surface and give a wide berth to taking a trip windward.

The winds tend to be nearly always NE-SE and have huge variations from a gentle 10 knots to a more spirited 25 knots, intensifying around the northern stops of the islands; calms tend to be rare. The trade winds typically blow from northeast during the cold winter months, prime time for a Grenada yacht charter, and more southeasterly during summer. The north-south positioning of this countries means the wind will undoubtedly be on the beam more often than not when cruising south, but, since almost all of the countries in the Grenadines are close collectively, the onboard knowledge is excellent regardless the heading. On northward passages, including from Union Island to Bequia, cruising close-hauled or on an in depth reach isn’t beyond the world of possibility. Year-round conditions average from 79° F - 82° F

Grenada Highlights

With plenty to explore in this region, a Grenada boat charter is full of numerous rewarding experiences. Take pleasure in the superlative cruising among the list of countries regarding the Eastern Caribbean, and white-sand beaches, swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba. Ashore, a Grenada charter opens up the entranceway to casual and fine eating, sightseeing, shopping, hiking, and checking out historic sites.

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