Superyacht Sea Dreams available for charters in the Bahamas

Sea Dreams Yacht Bahamas

Popular Yachts / June 22, 2023

A 2011 refit completely updated the inside of SEA DESIRES, which was created by Robin Rose and Associates. SEA DREAMS' inside is roomy classy and chic. The woman wealthy dark mahogany is offset with smooth neutral tones, creating a stylish and sophisticated feel. water DESIRES functions very carefully plumped for artwork and it has big broad house windows making sure friends will always surrounded by beauty.

The outside of SEA DESIRES is classic, featuring three porches. Her aft deck is covered and contains a sizable dining table that may seat as much as 14 friends. Upstairs from the skybridge, SEA DREAMS features another large dining table for alfresco food. This deck also offers brilliant space for lying in sunlight on three comfortable loungers. The top of deck has actually a gas grill; guests constantly enjoy a minumum of one barbeque on deck during a charter. This interactive night is definitely a hit aided by the young ones. SEA DESIRES' Jacuzzi deck features a six-person hot tub and more sitting space with surround-sound speakers and magnificent views. This tri-deck boat has spacious social areas, made for entertaining guests — she actually is perfectly fitted to both households and categories of pals.

The newly refitted interior of SEAM DESIRES is comfortable and welcoming. Luxury charter yacht SEAM DESIRES can accommodate 10 visitors in five breathtaking staterooms. In addition, the skylounge, that has a dayhead, can become 6th guest accommodation with a foldout chair. water DREAMS has actually a spacious on-deck master with a walk-in wardrobe and en-suite restroom with a shower, Jacuzzi bathtub and his-and-her sinks detailed with gold finishes. Below deck three similarly size VIP staterooms each had queen-size bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms with showers and his-and-hers sinks. Additionally below deck is a twin stateroom with two solitary bedrooms and en-suite bathroom.

water DREAMS features many tenders and toys for friends to enjoy.

water DESIRES' Captain Peter Vazquez has been chartering in the Exumas for the previous 13 years. He is extremely well versed inside record and tales of Bahamas. Vazquez knows special, secret places that just his guest are aware of because of their local understanding of the Exumas. He could be an incredible conversationalist, a good story-teller and is always passionate about showing men and women the Exumas, their favorite devote the world.

Cook Angus and Chief stewardess Maryann being working on SEA DREAMS for longer than two years. They truly are very experienced in the wonderful world of chartering and gives friends premium food and personalized, five-star solution. Very first mate Michael is a former U.S. coast-guard user with countless watersport knowledge. He's a high-energy individual and an adventure junkie.


  • Place: Exumas – water DESIRES charters in another of the essential magnificent secluded area chains worldwide.
  • Extremely experienced captain
  • Very competitively listed charter boat
  • water DREAMS features use of the private Island Leaf Cay
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