1953 Classic Small Cruise Ship, 369 Passengers -Stock No. S2472

Small Cruise

Popular Yachts / January 19, 2023

Providing dynamic activities since 1997, UnCruise Adventures provides unparalleled, hands-on, tiny team cruise explorations. a welcoming alternative to your typical cruise, join 22-88 similar adventurers on an expedition vessel, upscale yacht, or replica turn-of-the-century coastal steamer when it comes to trip-of-a-lifetime. Uncover your adventure today—then pack your bags and endeavor into a number of nature’s most exciting backwoods playgrounds and historical ports for research, eye-to-eye wildlife activities, and residing History. Discover one thing unique in Alaska, Columbia & Snake streams, Costa Rica, Galápagos, Hawaiian isles, Mexico’s water of Cortés, Panama, Washington, and British Columbia.

UnCruise Adventures has purchased the former Cruise western site and obtained, renovated, and paid off visitor capability on three of their previous vessels:

  • 74-guest Wilderness Explorer (former Spirit of Discovery)
  • 84-guest Safari Endeavour (former nature of Endeavour)
  • 88-guest S.S. Legacy (former Nature of ’98)

Learn more about UnCruise Adventures by exploring this amazing site. Then phone our UnCruise specialists at 888-862-8881 or e-mail us at product sales@uncruise.com

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Source: www.uncruise.com