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Small Cruise ships to Caribbean

Popular Yachts / June 21, 2023

Examining the best small-ship Caribbean cruiselines

By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon

CJ Travel Publisher

Most modern cruise lines tend to be huge. They’re nearly floating places having become spots in as well as by themselves, carrying as much as 5, 000 people across Caribbean seas. But often we really miss a far more personal knowledge, a return towards the sense of cruising as opposed to cruising, with just a few like-minded explorers for business. Smaller vessels (for the true purpose of this article defined as those holding fewer than 1, 200 guests) suit your purposes, enabling united states to see the elemental pleasures of cruising as we discover ports too small to accommodate large liners. And here are a few of our favorites.



Mark your calendars: Seabourn Odyssey’s whopping 39-day Exotic Caribbean Exploration cruise departs from Fort Lauderdale on January 24, 2016, using its 450 guests to 20 harbors such as the Grenadines, Guadeloupe, Bonaire, Tobago and Cartagena, Colombia. Now that’s a holiday present!

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