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The a Superyacht

Popular Yachts / October 4, 2022

Take the STCW Proficiency in protection Awareness course online

Virtual Training Centre provide the brand new on the web Proficiency in Security Awareness (PSA) course, approved by DfT and MCA. A discount voucher rule well worth £10 is roofed into the article!

Leading UK cooking academy Tante Marie is thrilled to announce they've been to introduce the evaluation in aquatic Cookery.

Prior to the Caribbean yachting period, read an interview with Louise from The Crew system. Louise shares the woman informative understanding on finding a yacht work.

Yacht team recruitment companies gets your CV while watching right businesses. Clean up your social media with one of these 5 ideas to secure the work.

While they’re typically connected with Russian oligarchs and center Eastern royalty, nearly 50 % of the world’s superyachts are had by affluent Americans and Britons.

Send your best boat team video on MIXTAPE competitors the opportunity to win a Macbook Air. Y.CO and Y.CREW open the exciting competition.

Tante Marie Culinary Academy available Assessment in aquatic Cookery for Ship’s Cook Certificate of Competency On Crew: Louise from Crew system Shares Her Insight How to use social media marketing while looking for a job? Nearly half society's superyachts fit in with Americans and Britons

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