Rollinsville Yacht Club Fireworks Private Show 52 Photograph by

Private Yacht Club

Private Yacht / April 19, 2023

We welcome your curiosity about joining us of people at Lakewood Yacht Club. Lakewood is an exclusive, member-owned boat club and is among the best boat groups in the usa. Our sailing custom and history beckon people who love the water, along with people who want to socialize and live life on fullest.

Since 1955, our members have actually demonstrated a desire for the club which allows united states to steadfastly keep up traditions while continuously updating and enhancing the facilities and solution to users. The Club provides users an easy spectral range of sailing and boating activities including award-winning youth and club race, including cruising activities. From our area regarding shores of Clear Lake, we proudly host world-class regattas, personal tasks and neighborhood events. Our Clubhouse provides good and casual dinner and sufficient places to unwind after a day in the bay or in any office. For the users and their particular visitors, Lakewood is a house abroad, in which time spent encourages enduring camaraderie and respect for our customs.

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