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Yacht Charter / April 19, 2023

Minnesota Statutes 326B.94 and Minnesota Rules 5225.6000 through 5225.7200 regulate what's needed of motorboat proprietors and operators carrying people for hire on Minnesota's inland seas. The statutes and principles adopt more relevant and proper U.S. coast-guard needs for ships running in fresh water and inland bodies of liquid.


a ship governed by these rules is any vessel navigating inland seas of Minnesota that's propelled by equipment or sails and is carrying a lot more than six passengers for hire. These vessels must have a permit to carry guests for hire. They must have a yearly protection evaluation and a dry-dock inspection once every 3 years (or yearly if the hull consists of timber). The vessels also needs to be run by a licensed master.

Permits and Inspections

a permit to transport individuals for hire is given to a ship that satisfies Minnesota's inspection demands. All boats must-have a yearly protection examination, while the vessel is in the water, before carrying people for hire (Minnesota procedures 5225.6140). Boats constructed with wood hulls must have a dry dock inspection yearly. Boats with composite or steel hulls must-have a dry dock examination every three-years (Minnesota procedures 5225.6140). Vessels running with an ongoing evaluation certificate given by the usa Coast Guard are exempt from the evaluation needs. Inspections tend to be carried out by Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry boiler inspection personnel.

Boat Master

Anybody running a motorboat for hire must hold a current boat master's permit given by the division of work and Industry. The sole exclusion is when the patient running the motorboat for hire keeps a valid, current charter yacht Captain's permit released by the United States coast-guard.

Take note: The division of work and business doesn't take cash as repayment for permits, assessments, backup needs along with other DLI services. Accepted types of payment consist of inspections, money purchases and electronic repayments that can be made through DLI webpage.

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