Yacht Charter Greece - Why Greece is perfect for sailing

Charter Greece

Yacht Charter / September 9, 2022

If you'd prefer sailing you’ve probably heard the stories about chartering a yacht in Greece; its crystalline waters, great Mediterranean food and great trustworthy breezes. It is a great spot to get, and very available. Here we’ll tell you a couple of good things to understand if you’re thinking of chartering in the area.

The Charter Season

The prime season for bareboat chartering in Greece begins in April and ends in November. The undoubtedly high period runs through the end of July toward start of September. Surrounding this time you’ll look at highest levels of sailors in places like the Saronic Gulf, Corfu and Lefkas. Normally this can be also a period whenever charters are a little more high priced.

If you decide to charter in April, might or June you’ll be rewarded with a lot of blooming flowers, green islands and enjoyable festivities related to Easter, which is the biggest religious visit to the nation. There may also be less site visitors around these times.

Kinds of Charter Basics

Each possesses its own large points, based on just what it is you are seeking. The Ionian, for example, offers a calm cruising knowledge about short passages between anchorages, as the Dodecanses is ideal for those interested in a sailing experience that challenges their particular abilities.

For some locations you are able to fly into Athens and move on to your base from there. There also might be direct charter routes from European towns and cities to smaller airports.

Greek Bareboat Charter Demands

Just like any nation Greece features certain unique needs for bareboat charters:

  • There needs to be a minumum of one qualified skipper regarding the yacht. The skipper needs to be able to supply proof competency particularly and Overseas Certificate of Competence or ASA “104 Bareboat Cruising Course”.

Great Mooring Costs

Unlike other gorgeous locations the mooring expenses in many aspects of Greece are extremely reasonable. Your LateSail consultant can provide more information on where to head to take advantage of inexpensive mooring, and where you can avoid as well.

Provisioning in Greece

As a skilled number to charterers and yachties from about the whole world, most of Greece is trained in providing great arrangements from where to select from through your travel. The location boasts exemplary olives, sardines and cheeses, which are great for assembling an energizing snack while out on water.

You’ll additionally look for numerous waterfront tavernas serving exceptional seafood and many other forms of regional specialities. Good wine abounds and you can replenish on Mythos and other Greek beers maintain you satiated during your trip.

Flotilla Charters

Pick a flotilla to own a specialist lead boat to help chart the course which help if any issues occur. The charter schedule is relaxed, letting you tripped early and take your own time before meeting up with one other ships at the next planned end. You might also need a built in band of sailors to eat with in the evenings, even though you may decide to unwind in privacy.

Your flotilla could be everything model of it- if this option that suits you LateSail can also help you book a flotilla charter.

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