Bareback yacht charters in the Solent for group sailing | MEC Sail

Solent Charters

Yacht Charter / October 28, 2023

Thank you for visiting the largest charter and training fleet in English Solent. Solent Boat Charters & Training has actually a fleet of 30+ vessels moored in Southampton, Hamble & Lymington which includes motorboats, recreations cruisers, cruising yachts and rib rate ships which are offered skippered charters, bareboat self drive hire. We also offer RYA training courses via our friends at Solent Boat Training who use the 27 boats of our fleet moored in Southampton.

Skippered & Bareboat Sailing Yacht Charter

Skippered Motorboat Day Charters

a boat charter is perfect for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, parties & unique events.

37ft to 56ft Motor Boats Offered By £1450

RYA PWC Jet Ski Training

one day RYA PWC Proficiency Course For Jet Skis Just £149 Per Person

Bareboat Rib Boat Hire

Our bareboat fleet of 5 rib ships are offered for bareboat self-drive hire. We have 6 guy and a pair of 8 man rib ships at our Southampton base.

The RYA Powerboat Intermediate qualification is needed as standard, but RYA Powerboat degree 2 holders can charter for a tiny insurance coverage surcharge. Rates vary by-day but from :-

6 Man 175hp Rib Boat £275

8 Man 200hp Rib Boat £299

6 Man 275hp Covered Rib Boat £349

12 Man 300hp Rib Boat £399

Various Other Solent Aquatic Solutions

Solent Charters provides other marine basics services including lifejacket servicing, very own motorboat university fees, pre-purchase advice, ship choices, bareboat rib boat hire, ashes scattering at ocean plus. To learn more about our organization kindly visit

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