Superyachts for Charter

Yacht Charter / December 26, 2022

Built-in 2011, AIR features an exceptionally streamlined and elegant exterior with contemporary outlines, a unique matt black colored metallic hull and an aluminium superstructure. She measures 81 yards (265.7 feet) in length and it has a beam of 11.6m, with 21 total staff users. She is the largest yacht ever before is built at lawn plus being the greatest Feadship designed for charter.

AIR’s luxurious, extremely sophisticated and minimalistic inside, developed by Remi Tessier Design, is stunning and is enhanced by impressive artwork, big house windows and available entrances. The main materials utilized include matt-finished sycamore, leather-based, matt-finished unique paint, high gloss stainless, palladium leaf, back-lit white onyx, off-white and black colored limestone and a great deal of carved glass.

Air's Accommodation

AIR is extremely large and can accommodate 12 guests in 7 big staterooms including an impressive split-level owner’s collection, two visitor cabins regarding the upper deck, one on main-deck and three regarding reduced deck. The dog owner's observance lounge boasts a breath-taking view over the eight-metre long share in the vast main-deck forward area. The magnificent sunlight deck offers a well-equipped gymnasium, relaxing places aft and forward with Jacuzzi, and a 102” pop-up tv display screen for outdoor movie viewing.

AIR may be the first superyacht built under Annex 2 of LY2 to have a completely licensed commercial helicopter pad. Various other features of the yacht include an elevator to all decks, therapeutic massage and steam spaces and a big collapsible swimming platform with bar. She holds two 9.8-metre tenders in dedicated and completely enclosed bays.

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