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Yacht Rentals Toronto

Yacht Rental / September 13, 2022

For team charters to 100 folks. Enjoy the elegant 72-foot Miss Toronto providing live DJ, BBQ and premium catering, special wedding ceremony decoration packages and a retractable roof. Ideal for private and corporate events and nautical weddings with the Toronto skyline as a backdrop.

Sailing for you personally offers individualized deluxe sailing charter inside Toronto location. Sailing charters for corporate teams, personal functions, unique festivities or events and much more.

GTA Exotics offers boat rentals in Toronto's harbour. Consumers can captain a 42 foot mainship or have one associated with company captains get them to see the skyline. Offshore rushing ships designed for excitement trips. Hourly, day-to-day and weekly rates offered.

YACHT Solutions is a yacht charter agency representing luxury sailing and energy yachts by SailTime, Sunsail and Moorings. Charter getaways, yacht training, team building events, corporate excurions are available in your area (GTA) plus in over 100 destinations global including the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Southern Pacific.

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