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BVI Yacht Sales Ltd. logo designBVI Yacht product sales offers an even more varied choice of yachts obtainable than just about any other Brokerage into the Caribbean! As well as the multitude of ex-charter yachts your BVI is fabled for, purchasers are often amazed to get we also provide a whole array of fully equipped cruising yachts, most likely, we're positioned in a cruising haven that is really tough to conquer! Whether it is a reasonable pocket cruiser, a deluxe blue-water cruiser, a keenly priced ex-charter ship, a sportsfisher or engine yacht, BVI Yacht Sales has something interesting to satisfy virtually every buyer's wishes! To produce things better still there is absolutely no sales tax right here! Additionally is that, as Yacht Brokers at BVI Yacht product sales, we make the duty of finding you the motorboat that best suits YOUR requirements very seriously and will visit great lengths to send as much important info in regards to the ships you might be examining that you can, frequently before you decide to also reserve your flights. With over 40 years of combined experience between our agents, along with a lot of this time around spent into the Caribbean, we not merely have a deep knowledge of the ships we offer but additionally regarding the Caribbean and all sorts of the marine solutions so it needs to offer.This tends to make your purchasing experience with united states not only a pleasure additionally outstanding knowledge as to how and locations to keep and maintain your brand-new boat.We may very happy to exert effort as the agent to help you in the acquisition of a boat wherever she may lie or which brokerage features the woman listed, investigating the significant details available and dealing along with other agents to truly get you the most suitable boat available on greatest cost.

(into the image from remaining:Carrie Hubbard, Clive Allen, Karen Simpson, Chris Simpson, Todd Duff, Brian Duff, (Macy in-front)

Since many of our buyers look for their particular ships through our Internet presence, we are extremely skilled in assisting with intercontinental, long distance expenditures and use digital camera models thoroughly to be able to provide great information about any boat. We pride ourselves on becoming unrelentingly straightforward concerning the condition of any of the yachts we record obtainable, consequently there must be no big surprises when a buyer visits us to view a boat they've selected.

BVI Yacht product sales is purposely situated at Nanny Cay Resort and Marina ( the premier marine solution area within the Brit Virgin isles and, perhaps, the Caribbean. The facility includes a 200-slip marina and complete service garden first rate, including a cushty resort and great restaurants, all on its own island, offering you a winning combination that people are positive provides you with the most enjoyable Caribbean boat purchase knowledge feasible. We invite you to try our friendly, efficient and informative service that make sure that you have the most appropriate boat available on greatest price!

BVI YACHT BUSINESS Ltd. “The Informative Brokers!”
A founding person in the Yacht Broker's Association regarding the Caribbean.

Featured Boat
1999 US$ 399, 000


SYNCHRONICITY is a 17.27m (56.7 Feet) sloop, built by Mystic Yachts, West Personalized Marine in Southampton, UK and created by Ed Dubois providing performance, comfort and dependability for the many discerning of proprietors, team and all aboard this lady.

She is an ocean cruiser designed to sail and cross seas while accommodating up to 6 guests in convenience and magnificence in 2 dual and I twin cabin, each with ensuite facilities. Set up for shorthanded cruising if required and a really ‘sea kindly’ vessel whilst underway.

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