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Caribbean Yacht rental

Yacht Rental / January 17, 2023

Since Katlo will be your home-away-from-home throughout your Caribbean charter sailing holiday, we want to ensure that your stay is really as comfortable as you can.

Katlo sailing Your Caribbean boat rental begins with all the brand new luxury 45’ catamaran called Katlo (a childhood nickname from the proprietors’ sibling). A Lagoon 450, it's the most spacious of any catamaran within dimensions in the marketplace. Katlo functions three well-appointed cabins, each with queen size bedrooms and luxurious bedding, with its very own private bathroom. Katlo comfortably sleeps to six friends.

There are five huge public areas onboard, each with all the capacity to captivate or relax in exclusive. Residing places feature:

  • The large beauty salon with stunning 360-degree views. Full of all-natural sunlight and a big, flat screen television that stows discreetly away if not used.
  • The fly connection on helm associated with boat, positioned right above the hair salon. More dazzling views and a fantastic location to escape and read or unwind.
  • The forward sitting location close to the front associated with the watercraft provides comfortable cushions to relax.
  • The aft cockpit near the rear of the watercraft is shielded by a tough roof and functions another dinner area and enormous daybed. The right environment for sneaking in an afternoon nap when you look at the fresh air.
  • The hair salon rooftop is within front regarding the bridge and is a big, multi-use open-air sitting location. Sun bathe by-day and star gaze when the sun goes down.

Throughout Katlo, you’ll discover functions that insure you’ll vacation comfortably. A sizable ability, 75-gallon hourly water maker suggests you can easily take long, leisurely hot showers in purified liquid. There are not any stops for water fill-ups on this cruise!

Katlo can also be designed with ac so you’ll continually be cool. The beauty salon and each of this cabins possesses its own air conditioner and thermostat, so you can set what’s comfortable for your needs. There are additionally two fridges, a freezer, an ice manufacturer and a grill onboard to restrict stops for arrangements.

During vacation, we all know it’s important for our friends to keep linked to house, so Katlo is equipped as the very own WiFi connectivity hotspot, with free Internet connection for all of cordless products. You’ll be able to send and receive emails, post to Facebook, and even Facetime and Skype in certain locations.

Although you will want to explore and luxuriate in all places of BVIs, your own time on Katlo should be comfortable and relaxing.

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