Mega yacht owners choose Greece for construction and maintenance

Mega Yacht Owners

Popular Yachts / January 16, 2023

About four huge yachts being at Perama and Elefsina within the last few weeks, for instance the 133-meter Al Mirqab (pictured) in addition to 139-meter Al Salamah, which correspondingly rank 14th and 11th on worldwide listing.

Few people have observed or even learn about the true luxury yachts have now been selecting the areas of Perama, Elefsina or Halkida for repairs, maintenance and/or construction lately. They are huge yachts that ranking on top of the menu of the world’s biggest & most luxurious leisure vessels.

At the least four these types of yachts have already been at Perama and Elefsina within the last few few weeks, for instance the 133-meter Al Mirqab and 139-meter Al Salamah, which respectively rank 14th and 11th regarding the global record. The world’s sixteenth biggest boat, Maryah had been totally built at Elefsina Shipyard in 2014.

Aside from the Elefsina services, there are numerous various other Greek shipyards becoming plumped for by mega boat owners for construction or repair and upkeep work: The Halkida Shipyards, the Hellenic Shipyards of Perama, the Spanopoulos Shipyard together with Psarros Shipyard (both at Perama), the PrivatSea aquatic Services at Elefsina etc, may actually have developed a significant share of the Mediterranean marketplace. They attract company of large added value and as a result employ a number of smaller technicians, experts tell Kathimerini.

Emblematic yachts such as those stated earlier, including Topaz and Turama – that are 6th and 22nd correspondingly on the international chart of Boat Overseas – plus hundreds much more smaller yachts, including most Greek ones, preserve numerous of tasks inside Greek business.

Greek marinas are another factor boosting local shipyards: Given that the Greek seas constitute one of the world’s top destinations for yachting, and considering their proximity to the countries of the Persian Gulf, to Russia and to other European countries, choosing Greek marinas as the home of those mega yachts for the best part of the year is becoming increasingly popular.

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