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AIANY Architecture Boat Tours:
2017 Season

Watercraft trips leave from Chelsea Piers' Pier 62 at West 22nd Street and Hudson River. Precise conference area details are provided immediately upon acquisition of passes. View a complete diary of tour times, get the full story, and get passes here.

Are you interested in reserving a private tour? All AIANY Tour Programming may be booked privately for you as well as your company, consumers, family, visitors, college or whomever you’d choose to host! Inquire about an exclusive scheduling right here.

Yacht New York: Person • - Student •

John Kriskiewicz, professor of Architectural History and City thinking, leads a complete circumnavigation trip and an in depth look at the engineering of brand new York City's historical and diverse bridges, tunnels, highways, power flowers, and wastewater services. Technical ideas and historical anecdotes help tell the storyline with this vital infrastructure.

Light hors d’oeuvres and a free of charge alcohol, wine, or Champagne is roofed.

This 3.25 hour round-trip adventure co-guided by the Freshkills Park Planners and AIANY lets you experience a significant delivery station to see our manufacturing waterfront including the active harbors of Bayonne & Newark Bay. You will enjoy unobstructed views from covered and enclosed solarium or perhaps the open porches of one of your yachts. Cushioned seating, heat & AC, a totally stocked bar, and two well-appointed restrooms can be obtained on each boat.

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