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Popular Yachts / March 16, 2023

Oceanco Seven SeasYou can charter The Seven Seas, Steven Spielberg's 282-foot mega-yacht, for $1.2 million 30 days.

Filmmaker Steven Spielberg is within need of much more room while traversing the oceans.

He's attempting to sell their yacht, The Seven Seas, which he bought for $184 million, because the 282-foot vessel is not really sufficient motorboat for him, according to the regular Mail.

"Steven performedn’t understand how much he’d enjoy cruising the sea. Now he’d love to save money time exploring the seas, and bring a couple of friends along for ride. Therefore he’s upgrading to a bigger yacht, " a friend for the manager's informed the routine Mail.

Built by Dutch shipbuilding organization Oceanco, The Seven Seas is full of amenities. An infinity share, 15-foot cup movie screen, helicopter pad, fitness center, spa, and therapeutic massage room are simply a few of the luxuries which are reportedly onboard.

As for rooms, there's one master bedroom, two VIP suites, two dual sleep cabins, and another cabin with a twin sleep. Altogether, the boat can rest 12.

Spielberg happens to be chartering out the massive yacht towards the tune of $1.2 million 30 days — making it very high priced charters in the world, the routine Mail reports.