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Popular Yachts / April 17, 2023

Lindblad Expeditions, together with National Geographic11 time, 10 night Cuban cruise sailing the Caribbean Sea aboard the luxurious sailing ship Panorama II. Gain a knowledge of Cuba’s history and present through considerable people-to-people visits inside great towns of Havana, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos. Explore several of Cuba’s superb marine habitats. Look at the Bay of Pigs.

8 time Cuba cruise aboard Fathom influence Travel's Adonia. See three harbors, including Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba, immersing your self into the tradition, individuals and reputation for Cuba.

10 time Cuba Voyage; from French-influenced Cienfuegos to Havana aboard the 48-guest Panorama or 46-guest Panorama II on Global Expeditions’ new Cuba Voyage for a distinct look at this enigmatic area since it appears poised on the verge of historical change.

Go through the captivating history and heritage of Cuba on this 10-night, round trip, Cuban Cultural Voyage with Pearl Seas Cruises. From typically considerable capital town of Havana on charming mountainside villages that includes neoclassical style homes, you’ll engage first hand using regional tradespeople, designers, performers and historians to fairly share your experiences to get their own point of view into the thing that makes Cuba therefore interesting.

8 day, 7 evening Caribbean cruise sailing the Caribbean water aboard the luxurious cruising ship Sea Cloud. This Caribbean vacation varies significantly through the run-of-the-mill, tourist-laden experience. Because of this Caribbean adventure vacation cruise, just fly to Bridgetown, Barbados and put base aboard the legendary Sea Cloud — the world’s many elegant square-rigged high ship, holding simply 58 visitors.

Caribbean Small Ship Cruises8 time, 7 night Yachtsman’s Caribbean sail sailing roundtrip Philipsburg, St. Maarten aboard the tall cruising ship Wind Surf. Let us take you into hidden coves and tiny harbors no one else can reach as you fully experience the Caribbean’s private yachting scene. Explore the quaint island charm of Soper’s Hole and the inviting beaches of Jost Van Dyke as you overnight in the harbor. Sail to Virgin Gorda, with its set up of house-sized rocks called The Baths. Savor the large life on St. Barts.

8 day Classic Caribbean cruise cruising roundtrip Philipsburg, St. Maarten aboard the classic sailing ship Wind Surf. Through the spectacular crisis of this Pitons into the fascinating charm of Les Saintes. From hidden coves and key beaches to unique markets and vibrant cafés. Here’s the very best of the Caribbean in one single voyage.

8 day Jewels associated with Windward Islands Caribbean sail cruising roundtrip Bridgetown Barbados aboard Wind Surf. This is actually the Caribbean of the past – deep blue oceans, peaceful coves, and exotic countries dotted with powdery shores and rich green hillsides. Sail from rugged pure beauty of St. Lucia to little-known isles that are from the visitor radar. From colorful Bequia and Mayreau in St. Vincent & the Grenadines into the open-air areas of unique St. George’s, you’ll discover an integral part of the Caribbean that stays authentic and unspoiled. This is certainly everything that helps make the Caribbean synonymous with paradise.

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