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Mediterranean private Yacht Charters

Private Yacht / April 28, 2023

The rich palette of Mediterranean colours, meals, customs, sounds and record comes to life in no much better fashion than when experienced as a guest on your own personal yacht charter. Explore the uninhabited islands along Croatia’s spectacular Dalmatian shore, jump between Greek countries or venture on glamorous epicentre of luxury yachting, Monaco.

Due to the Mediterranean’s special mixture of pleasant weather, breathtaking areas, fascinating history and diverse countries, you’ll shortly see just what the Romans meant because of the ‘centre of world’.

Because temperate weather the Mediterannean may be checked out almost all year round. The top season works from the Cannes Film Festival in May before Voiles de St Tropez in October when conditions are on average between 24-36 degrees celsius (75-97 levels farenheit) every day. However charters, especially occasion charters are well-known through the winter specifically during occasions in Cannes, such MIPIM and MIPCOM.

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