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Greek islands private Yacht Charter

Private Yacht / January 16, 2023

Greece offers virtually 6, 000 islands and islets to explore on an extravagance yacht charter and, as only 227 among these tend to be populated, a number of these islands and their stunning shores are obtainable only by-boat. Limitless opportunities to explore a combination of cosmopolitan, yachting hotspots, ancient record, and secluded bays and islets are provided by five primary area groups, all special in their beauty and charm.

Cyclades Islands
Scattered over the Aegean Sea towards southeast for the mainland, the 220 countries regarding the Cyclades form the most used cruising location in Greece. Within easy reach of Athens, the archipelago is celebrated the white-washed, cuboid houses that tumble-down hillsides to satisfy glittering azure waters. Itineraries can encompass jetsetter hotspots such as Mykonos, Santorini, Paros and Naxos, plus more calm islets and bays. The optimum time to charter a yacht into the Cyclades is June to mid-July whilst the oceans are susceptible to powerful winds at other times of the season.

Saronic Islands
Lying to the south of Athens, between the north-eastern shore associated with the Peloponnese in addition to peninsula of Attica, the Saronic Islands boast peaceful, protected waters ideal for year-round cruising. Plus, only a two hour’s sail out of the money, these countries are ideal for time yacht charters. Steeped in old custom and natural splendor, the understated island-chain’s main attractions are Hydra and Aegina nevertheless the idyllic gems of Angistri, Poros and Spetses tend to be quite as impressive.

The crescent-shaped archipelago of the Dodecanese Islands is located in the south east for the Aegean water, simply off the Turkish coast. Across its 12 large islands and 150 islets tend to be seemingly no-end of Byzantine churches and medieval castles, as well as the environment varies from temperate to dry tropical, with a long dried out summer period. Well-known countries to see on the exclusive yacht leasing here include Rhodes and Kos, as the more peaceful offerings of Leros and Pserimos tend to be ideal for moving away from the beaten track.

Ionian Islands
Composed of seven main islands on the western shore of Greece, the Ionian Islands provide lush surroundings of verdant pine woodlands and olive groves perhaps not seen on the other Greek islands. Calm and foreseeable cruising conditions, and kilometers of shores make this location perfect boat charter territory. Although put into the north and south countries, the whole island-chain can be consumed on a two-week charter itinerary plus one of highlights is without a doubt Corfu.

Laced over the northwest regarding the Aegean water, only from the east coastline of Greece, the Sporades were nicknamed ‘the emerald for the Aegean’ thanks to its rich vegetation and the radiant blue-green hue of the waters. The 24 islands tend to be a traditional charter location for those of you looking for seclusion, natural beauty and a taste of old-fashioned Greek culture. Summer time months are hot and dried out, together with cruising problems are great for private watercraft rentals. Never to be missed is the bay of Koukounaries on Skiathos, Alonissos’ monk seal nationwide marine park and Skopelos – where scenes from struck motion picture Mamma Mia had been shot.

Planning your Luxury Yacht Charter to Greece
Whatever Greek island chain you wish to explore by luxury yacht, your charter getaway will certainly begin from Athens Marina in Faliro Bay. Ideal superyachts of the area are forever based here and, however some private crewed yachts can be found to pick up inside intended cruising reasons, your decision may be seriously restricted. Comparable to various other destinations within the Mediterranean, Greece’s charter season achieves its top during the months of June, July and August but to escape the crowds of people and knowledge cooler but still pleasant temperatures, it is worth carrying out your boat rental holiday in might, September and October.

Chartering a Private boat in the Greek Islands
To find out more about renting a private deluxe charter yacht within the Greek Islands please contact your favored Yacht Charter Broker, that will manage to help you plan your dream itinerary, incorporating your celebration's needs with guidelines about the most readily useful time and energy to visit this idyllic destination.

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