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Yacht Charter / June 23, 2023

When we initially made a decision to get hitched in Italy we believed exactly what a good vacation concept it had been to sail across the Greek isles. We began our search utilizing google and discovered Our email messages to Yiannis Stassis were answered on time filled with information. Matching the journey from abroad ended up being effortless and effortless. If we reached the port we came across our Skipper Yianni...

Kathy & Charles

Our family only returned from a-two few days cruising trip with Yiannis Stassis. Here is the 5th time we have actually chartered a sailing travel in Greece and each time it's been an innovative new adventure! Yiannis is a rather peaceful, experienced skipper and then we had total belief in his power to navigate through any situation. His familiarity with the islands and his ability to speak both English and Greek well ...


Just finished amazing week in the Greek Islands with good friends and household for my 50th birthday celebration..After numerous e-mails and never much answer from over 12 others, with reserving 12mths ago Yiannis retain in touch. SAIL THE GREEK ISLANDS and Yiannis provided a great few days. Yiannis is not only a seasoned skipper their familiarity with the seas, Greek record, restaurants, places of interest and humour ...

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