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Crewed Catamaran Charters BVI

Yacht Charter / January 17, 2023

Crewed yacht charters are priced between $10, 000 each week to $60, 000.00 weekly. Luxury Motor yachts begin closer to $40, 000.00 per week.

How can I reserve a charter and what are the payment terms?

Once you choose the yacht, Epic places a no cost booking regarding boat. Next a contract is drawn up and details to continue using booking are solidified. Your deposit can also be required at the moment. Travel arrangements is finalized. If you're above half a year from your charter times, a 25percent deposit is required. After that 25per cent at 6 months out therefore the final 50% is due 45 days before the charter. Your monies take place in escrow plus the boat is compensated before your charter.

What's standard gratuity for team?

15-20percent of the charter cost could be the standard crew gratuity. Your crew is on call 24/7 working hard to make sure there is the getaway of one's desires. They start preparing for your charter as soon as they get your requests. The crew’s objective normally to offer you excellent service. The gratuity is directed at the staff at the end of the charter in money or travelers checks.

Which are the termination terms?

Within the unlikely event of you canceling your charter, all repayments tend to be forfeited. However, if boat can re-book an alternate charter for similar times, there was an opportunity of a partial reimbursement.

What exactly is within the boat charter fee?

Many yachts are inclusive. Including a specialist captain and private cook. Dishes, treats, standard ships club (soda pops, beer, wine and carbonated drinks) liquid toys, gas, cruising licenses, insurance and playground fees tend to be inclusive. Not included are crew gratuity, optional marina berthing, dinner or activities ashore, and unique request/high end club needs.

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