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Most expensive Yacht rental

Yacht Rental / October 17, 2023

Steven Spielberg's The Seven SeasAfter taking distribution of his amazing $200 million megayacht, the 282-foot Seven Seas, you’d believe that director Steven Spielberg would want to ensure that it it is to himself.

Now it appears as if the famed director would like to recoup a few of his impressive investment – he’s offering the ultra-luxurious boat for charter at $1.3 million weekly. Which makes it the world’s priciest boat charter, making famous brands P. Diddy and Simon Cowell’s crafts within the dirt.

The 282-ft. vessel, custom built by Dutch shipyard Oceanco, features a classy and stylish interior planning plan by Nuvolari & Lenard. The Seven Seas is equipped when it comes to many demanding Hollywood mogul. It’s many striking function is an infinity share with a 15-foot cup wall that doubles as a movie screen so Spielberg and guests can view his newest production while swimming or lounging poolside.

In addition it boasts accommodation and considerable amenities for 12 friends with a staff of 26, including an exclusive owner’s deck with a sizable individual master stateroom featuring a research and exclusive deck location with a Jacuzzi and VIP cabins for their superstar friends. Other deluxe variations include a totally prepared gymnasium, a spa and therapeutic massage space and another indoor cinema – all fitted down with a lot of walnut, teak and rosewood.

Steven Spielberg's The Seven Seas2 Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively