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Yacht Rental / March 20, 2024

club CHOICES 3 Hour
Cruise 4 Hour
Cruise OPEN SODA, TEA and COFFEE $ 4.50
Per Person $ 6.00
Per Person MONEY club
(All visitors will pay because of their own products) . . RESTRICTED club (you are going to spend the very first $ (X) buck quantity after that guests will probably pay cash after that. "(X) = you set the total amount)" . . TAB club (You will definitely purchase all guest products at the conclusion of celebration plus 18 per cent gratuity and 8.25percent tax of the total bar loss) . . BEER & WINE DRINK SEATS
(Guests will pay cash for several mixed products)
(money for several beverages after until seats go out) $5.00 Each PREMIUM DRINK PASSES
(Includes alcohol, wine & advanced blended products)
(money for several beverages after until passes come to an end) $8.00 Each HOSTED BEER & WINE BAR
( Alcohol, Wine, Sodas just)
Open Domestic Beer, Wine, Sodas.
(Guests will probably pay money for many combined drinks)
(Coors, Coors lite, Bud, Bud Lite, Miller Lite) $ 14.85
Per Individual $ 19.80
Includes really brand name combined products just
Friends will probably pay money for beer, wine & premium blended beverages
(for sale in marriage plans just) MANAGED WELL club
Open Beer, Wine, Sodas and blended well drinks. (Really Brands just) visitors can pay for Premium beverages. $ 20.85
Per Person $ 27.80
Per Person HOSTED PREMIUM BAR Premium mixed beverages including import beers, wine & sodas
(We have a fully stocked club holding many all popular brands) $ 23.85
Per Person $ 31.80
Per Person HOSTED TOP SHELF BAR Open Beer, Wine, Sodas and blended drinks including TOP SHELF premiums. For instance, (Examples; Crown Royal Reserve, Gentlemen Jack, Glenlevit, Chivas Regal, Gray Goose, Bombay Sapphire, ) $ 35.85