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Popular Yachts / July 18, 2023

Expertly maintained since the woman delivery last year, ALDABRA provides advanced accommodation for approximately 12 friends, including a full-beam master bedroom with its very own exclusive research and balcony, a VIP stateroom, two two fold staterooms as well as 2 double cabins. The elegantly modern interiors are designed by Franco & Anna Della Role. All areas feature elegant furnishings and bathrooms carved inside best statuary marble and lacquered lumber.

Featuring advanced technology and a premier speed of 17.5 knots, ALDABRA is the finest Codecasa 51 superyacht for sale on the market today. ALDABRA’s well-appointed deck room features a few lounging places, a wet bar, large al fresco dining area and Jacuzzi. Classified by Lloyds sign-up, she is MCA compliant.

ALDABRA is attractive from the liquid along with her gold superstructure, in addition to stylish appears carry on around with a white and silver colour pallette highlighted in wood detailing. Her circular dining room sitting for 12 is a lovely location that starts to the aft deck generating an indoor-outdoor space for enjoyable, while a bar from the sunshine deck tucked beneath the tough top is the perfect spot to enjoy a sundowner beverage.

  • Loaded with probably the most advanced level technology
  • Skillfully maintained with an endless budget
  • Carry connecting all five decks
  • Outstanding high quality by Codecasa shipyard
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