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Yacht Rental / September 2, 2022

MerlotRenting a boat regarding the san francisco bay area Bay may be the perfect way to throw any occasion. Engine yachts tend to be a tremendously comfortable and stable method to encounter all of that the bay area Bay is offering. Our team is skilled into the art of tossing a good party onboard the fleet of motor yachts inside our collection. The ever-changing views of this San Francisco Bay make yachting a desirable site for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Fundraisers, Corporate conferences, getaway Parties and Memorials. Imagine cruising the San Francisco waterfront and proceeding towards Golden Gate Bridge to recapture Sunset across Marin Headlands. Our motor boat rentals are ideal for sets of 6-149 visitors.


F.D.R's Floating White home "POTOMAC" is the Bay's most historical method to cruise any way you like.This special yacht accommodates to 120 friends and it is great for Unique occasions in the bay area Bay.

Our yachts are completely built with galleys, pubs, and stereos making all of them a location using the makings of a good and unforgettable experience. A few of the bigger yachts provide built in dance floors.


Cimba is a classic old woody with a totally varnished interior and lots of associated with trim and handrails are completed brilliant also. She's a primary teak deck aft with picnic chairs, a primary hair salon with brand-new furniture, a four burner stove, refrigeration and hot/cold running water.

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