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Yacht Charter / June 22, 2023

The Caribbean Spirit could be the biggest traveler cruising catamaran in the united states at 78 foot very long and USCG accepted for 125 individuals providing Yacht Charters Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Enjoy aboard this ocean-going boat charters Miami in breathtaking Biscayne Bay, a cruise along Fort Lauderdale’s picturesque beaches, a tour of Palm Beach’s crystal clear waters and More!

Catamaran Specs:

  • “Our biggest and a lot of comfortable boat”
  • Length: 78 feet
  • Beam: 35 legs 3 ins
  • Draft: 5 legs 3 ins
  • Sails: Schooner Rig with 2, 342 Square Feet of Sail region
  • Capacity: 125 individuals
  • Bathroom: 2 Restrooms
  • Fresh-water: 232 Gallons for basins and baths
  • Club: Central Club comes completely packed with drinks of your choice
  • Catering: Complete Provider Lunches and Dinners
  • Sound: Sony Stereo System, MP3 Sound, Satellite Radio
  • Other: Ocean Kayaks, Snorkeling Equipment, Water Trampoline, Water Volleyball, Fishing gear (Waverunners optional)

Welcome aboard the greatest traveler sailing catamaran in the united states!

Start your footwear, forget your concerns and allow friendly, expert crew hoist the sails and land a training course to leisure. Stay out of the sunshine and weather condition inside expansive covered hair salon location, or catch some rays on comfortable external porches. Enjoy a chilled drink from club as this effective ocean-going vessel cruises efficiently and quietly along powered entirely by the force of the wind. You deserve the very best; on “Caribbean Spirit” that is what you get!

Services consist of Yacht Charters Miami & Fort Lauderdale, Catamaran Charters, Sailing Charters, Sunset Cruises, personal Charters offered by Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beaches, plus Day Sailing, Sightseeing Cruises, business events, weddings, birthdays, snorkeling, image shoots sea cruises as much as 125 individuals (USCG qualified) multiple ships available for bigger events. Enjoy the an awesome beverage and the places from the color of huge enclosed hair salon or capture some rays from the external deck. At 78 feet long the Caribbean Spirit could be the biggest, quickest, and a lot of comfortable catamaran in the united states. The boat features large 35′ beam for exemplary stability and comfort. Huge trampolines supply a big sunbathing location. Stairway into the ocean makes swimming and snorkeling very simple. supplies the handicapped traveler the opportunity to experience the pure beauty of Southern Florida.Our customized Yacht Charters Miami and Fort Lauderdale trips were created with every consideration to ensure your journey.

an expertly trained captain and team will pamper your invited guests. Unique menus are arranged, transportation coordinated – every little thing required to assure an adventure that your particular team will remember for a long, long-time!

Be sure you browse our various other ships: Spirit Of Lauderdale and Tranquility for Sailing Charters Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

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